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Who are Unyte Medical?


Introduction to Unyte Medical  

Unyte Medical has been created in response to the changes in legislation and scheduling (1st Nov 2018) for cannabis-based medicines in the UK. We believe that natural, plant-based medicines is the future and so we are positioning ourselves to support the research, development and supply chain within this evolving arena.

Unyte Medical is part of the Unyte Capital Group of companies. Specialising and working at every level throughout the Industrial Hemp and Cannabis sectors.

For a considerable time, the group have been preparing and positioning itself within key areas of the industry in order to be at the forefront of the ever-evolving Cannabis and Hemp markets. The Unyte Group consists of a collection of specialists with an unrivalled knowledge right across the industry; including key industry leaders, agronomists, engineers, farmers, designers, researchers, Doctors, clinicians and pharmacists.

Unyte Hemp have cultivated this season within the UK, 240 acres of industrial Hemp. Plans are in place to grow a GMP certified medical Hemp suitable for medicinal CBD products later this year. Leading to licensing, allowing high THC cultivation for use in Cannabis based products for medicinal treatments.


Unyte Medical are actively looking for partners 

Unyte Medical are actively looking for partners!
We are on the cusp of a Cannabis revolution that has been developing Worldwide. Unyte Medical and the wider Unyte Group are maximising every part of this exciting market.

Unyte are working hard to enable the UK and European medical Cannabis markets and are eager to speak with individuals or businesses who can add value at various levels.

Specifically, we are now searching for industry experts within the medical fields, Doctors, Consultants, Professors, pharmaceutical distributors, manufacturers and partners. If you have a desire to enable access to the many people who could benefit and become part of the UK’s most progressive Industrial Hemp and Cannabis business get in touch call