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: Unyte Medical Launches its search for Medical Partners


Today the group vision becomes one step closer

Warrington, June 20th, 2019 — Unyte Medical are part of the Unyte Group, specialising throughout every level of the Industrial Hemp and Cannabis markets in the UK and Europe.

The group have been positioning and achieving various milestones over the past 16 months that facilitate the launch of Unyte Medical. Now that these have been achieved, we are looking to form key partnerships across the medical and pharmaceutical sectors to allow us to deliver our goals in this arena. These may be UK, European, Canadian or American individuals or businesses.

Our vision is to be able to provide cost effective and proven medical treatment through naturally derived CBPMs (Cannabis Based Products for Medicinal Use).

Allowing access to all areas of socioeconomic communities across the UK, by ensuring efficiencies in both production, prescription and delivery. Through complete vertical integration, we will look to ensure comprehensive control on the quality of the cultivation, processing and therefore ultimately the protection of the patients.

We will enable our team of medical clinicians to initially prescribe compliant “specials” while we undertake the clinical research required on these products.  Once robust and accurate data is compiled, this will form the basis of the marketing authorisation application to the MHRA, leading to approval for use as a CBPM. Leading to a new era of natural medicine, accessible to all who would benefit from its use.

Since the change in legislation and scheduling of Cannabis for medical use on the 1st of November 2018, there has been a severe lack of access, at cost effective prices, mainly due to the requirement to import these products currently.

Unyte Medical are in advanced stages of discussions with the relevant stakeholders such as the local Planning Authority and Home Office licensing teams for our GMP certified, controlled cultivation of medical Cannabis. The cultivation will be undertaken in a specialist 35’600 ft² insulated building, powered 100% from on-site renewable energy sources.

We are targeting Q4 2019 for completion and approval of the various licences required from both the MHRA for the manufacture of ‘Specials’ and also the Home Office DFLU with regards to possession, cultivation and supply of CBPMs. Then through our approved research studies we will collate the required evidence to allow for marketing authorisation to be granted by the MHRA, for our medicinal products.

We are currently recruiting key partners across all aspects of Unyte Medical, please do get in contact if you are interested in joining our growing team of Specialists, Doctors, Clinicians, Pharmacists and logistical experts.

The story continues to unfold throughout 2019. For more information visit or contact Jamie Bartley at