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: Professor Mike Barnes and Hannah Deacon, High Profile Cannabis Experts and Advocates join Unyte Medical


Prominent figures in the medical Cannabis sector, Prof. Mike Barnes [Clinical Medical Advisor] & Hannah Deacon [Patient Medical Advisor] join Unyte Medical.

Unyte Medical’s mission is to secure access to high-quality affordable Medical Cannabis for everyone who needs it and will benefit from it. In order to make this vision a reality Unyte have invited two prominent figures within the medical Cannabis sector to join their business and are delighted to welcome Professor Mike Barnes and Hannah Deacon to the team. Prof. Mike Barnes will join as Clinical Medical Advisor and Hannah Deacon takes the role of Patient Medical Advisor.

Hannah Deacon brought her son, Alfie Dingley’s, case to the attention of then PM Theresa May. This sparked a patient-led campaign. Professor Mike Barnes, a consultant neurologist and long-time advocate of Cannabis to treat certain conditions, was instrumental in reviewing and providing evidence to support the reclassification of the drug in November 2018, all of which ultimately resulted in specialist doctors being legally allowed to prescribe medical Cannabis.

“To bring about the revolution and essentially make medical Cannabis mainstream we have brought Mike and Hannah onboard as advisors and ambassadors for Unyte. They have a tremendous network and can help us to bring this important product to market, we felt it was essential to have both the patient and clinician points of view represented in-house,” commented Garry Stevens-Smith, Unyte Capital’s CEO. He explains “Unyte Medical, part of the Unyte Capital Group of Companies was created in response to the November 2018 change in legislation and scheduling for Cannabis-based medicines in the UK. We believe plant-based medicines are the future, we are positioning ourselves to support the research, development and supply chain within this evolving arena.”

Confirming the alliance Prof Mike Barnes and Hannah Deacon added “It is good to be associated with such a progressive and visionary company. We look forward to developing access to high-quality, affordable product for the public who badly need it.”

About the Unyte Capital Group of companies.

Unyte Capital is a privately held company specialising and working at every level throughout the Industrial Hemp and Cannabis sectors. The group has been preparing and positioning itself within key areas of the industry in order to be at the forefront of the ever-evolving Cannabis and Hemp markets. The Unyte Group consists of a collection of specialists with an unrivalled knowledge right across the industry; including key industry leaders, agronomists, engineers, farmers, designers, researchers, Doctors, clinicians and pharmacists.

Unyte Hemp have cultivated 240 acres of Industrial Hemp this season within the UK. Plans are in place to licence a GMP certified cultivation facility, suitable for medicinal Cannabis production, leading to research allowing marketing authorisations for the use of Cannabis-based products for medicinal treatments.

Press contact; Samantha Thistleton, Head of Marketing / 0161 826 9075